Let's say you’re shopping around, considering a potential grounds maintenance or landscape contractor. How do you sift through your options to see which company will best suit your needs? You should know the answers to these questions:

Will this company provide the quality workmanship that I require?

Will they be able to fulfill all of my landscaping needs?

Is the company financially stable?

If I sign a 3-year contract, will the contractor still be able to complete the terms in the third year?

Is this company adequately insured for any situation?

Will someone answer their office phone during business hours, year round, if I have a question?

Is there a website that I can access to get information or to e-mail a request?

Will the crew that arrives at my property be:

  • well-trained?
  • wearing uniforms?
  • driving a clean vehicle?
  • using up-to-date, reliable equipment?

The answer to all of these questions is YES!

What services does Marek's offfer?