Almost a decade and a half ago, Marek's began with a sixteen year-old trying to earn a few bucks by mowing the grass for a couple of families in his neighborhood in Farmington, MI. Quickly tapping into his natural aptitude for lawn manicuring, his customers spread the word. By the end of his high school career, Jeremy had earned the business of about thirty customers. Mr. Marek attended classes in aim of an honorable career in law enforcement, but eventually he decided to pursue his passion for perfectly pristine yards instead.

Marek's may have started with one teen packing a weed whipper and mower in the back of his vehicle, but today Marek's Landscaping and Lawn Service proudly employs a full staff of lawn care professionals. At Marek's, we strongly believe in quality - whether it's quality equipment and products we use, quality in level of service, or quality professional conduct. We're dedicated to consistently providing excellent service to each customer. And we know that it's this commitment that has allowed us to expand our service area to include over 200 sq. mi. across 14 cities in the Detroit Metro area.